The springy, bouncy, lightweight FloatZig 1 is coming soon. Reebok’s premier running shoe explores what it means for footwear to be a running hack in itself. Featuring a new geometrical shape, Floatride energy foam, and enhanced cushioning. This is the new shape of running.


Floatride Energy Foam

The Floatride Energy Foam in the Floatride 1 is a cutting-edge cushioning technology engineered to provide exceptional comfort and responsiveness. It's designed to deliver a lightweight and bouncy feel, ensuring a smooth and energised ride with every step.

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Iconic Zig Technology

The "Zig" aspect of the Floatzig series refers to the distinctive zigzag-shaped outsole pattern. This unique design feature provides multi-directional traction and stability, allowing for confident movement across various surfaces. The zigzag pattern also helps to disperse impact forces evenly throughout the foot, reducing stress and fatigue during prolonged wear.


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