The Return of a Classic: Hurrikaze II is coming

The Return of a Classic: Hurrikaze II is coming

Are you ready to step back in time and relive the glory days of the Seattle Supersonics? The time is now. 

Let's take a nostalgic journey with the return of Shawn Kemp's iconic Hurrikaze II in not one, but two electrifying colorways. 

Hurrikaze II: A Legacy Reimagined

The Hurrikaze II has always been a symbol of bold design and top-tier performance, and now it's back in the spotlight, paying homage to the unforgettable era of the Seattle Supersonics. This classic silhouette embodies the spirit of urban exploration, blending history with modern style.

Shawn Kemp and the Supersonic Legacy

Few players in NBA history have left a lasting impact like Shawn Kemp did during his time with the Supersonics. Known as the "Reign Man," Kemp was a high-flying powerhouse on the court, and his sneaker game was just as impressive. Reebok's collaboration with Shawn Kemp during this era marked a significant moment in sneaker culture, and it's a testament to the enduring appeal of the Hurrikaze II.

Two Iconic Colorways: A Nod to Tradition

The dual colorways are a nod to the Seattle Supersonics' iconic green and yellow jerseys. The first, 'Supersonic Green,' embodies the team's spirit with its vibrant green and yellow accents. It's a bold choice for those who want to relive the excitement of the '90s NBA. The second, 'Retro Gold,' offers a more understated yet equally stylish option, perfect for those who value versatility in their sneaker collection. Both have launched on 20th October. SHOP NOW

Signature Design and Unmatched Comfort

The Hurrikaze II, like Shawn Kemp himself, is known for its distinct design and unbeatable performance. A leather upper adds quality and style to your stride, while Hexalite cushioning technology guarantees all-day comfort. These sneakers are not just about fashion; they're designed for urban explorers who demand both style and substance.


Launched October 20

Don't miss out on the return of Shawn Kemp's iconic Hurrikaze II in dual colorways. Be among the first to secure your pair and relive the magic of an era when the Seattle Supersonics, Shawn Kemp, and his legendary sneakers ruled the NBA. SHOP HURRIKAZE II


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