Movement For Every You. Ft. Liv Kelly

Movement For Every You. Ft. Liv Kelly

From studio to streets & everything in between.

In a world where every step counts and self-expression is simply paramount, it's time to unveil the latest movement birthed in the world of Reebok. 

Movement for every you.

A campaign that celebrates the multifaceted nature of movement, along with embracing the heritage and iconic presence, that is Reebok, throughout your day, it's put simply from studio to street and everything in between .

Whether it's from the invigorating studio sessions post an early rise to conquering the bustling city streets when moments allow, movement for every you is about inspiring all journeys through movement, that all steps, even the most unique, can find a Reebok vector right beside.

At the heart of this campaign lies the embodiment of movement. Liv Kelly, no stranger to the Reebok family, an iconic local fitness trainer, Liv's passion for movement, desire to inspire other journeys and style simply knows no bounds.

"Movement starts and finishes my day. It improves my mood, relationships with others, and my overall well-being."

- Liv Kelly

Movement For Every You Ft. Liv Kelly

As a prominent figure in Melbourne's very own fitness scene and a proud advocate for holistic wellness, Liv captures the spirit of movement for every you. Her journey to date simply showcases the true essence of the power that movement has across ones journey, mind, body and soul. That through movement, we can be and do anything.

"Movement puts my mind at ease and helps to be a distraction to me when I'm in stressful or overwhelming situations."

Movement For Every You Ft. Liv Kelly

When capturing the foundations of 'movement for every you' Reebok wanted to invite Liv to share her profound insights and thoughts that encapsulate the essence behind such a campaign. Lead by Her, defined by movement, the desire to be a better version of yourself everyday.

"It can completely change my mood and mindset for the day to start with a positive outlook towards myself and everyone around me."

Liv's words beautifully capture the transformative power of movement and its ability to enrich every aspect of our lives. At the core of our ethos here at Reebok is the belief that sports, fitness & movement should always empower the authentic self, whether in the gym or while running errands. Reebok is a brand that inspires individuals to be their best version of themselves through the intersection of style and sport. Put simply, Reebok is more than just an apparel and footwear brand, the vector is a symbol of confidence, strength, edge and authenticity.

Designed for every moment of your day.

"Movement to me is how I connect with people, whether it's through my own training, meeting new people, coaching clients, and being able to watch their progress and success, or taking my puppy for a walk with my partner to have quality time together."

Movement for every you. Your journey. We're just made for every step.

Shop Her collection online and in store today.

-Movement For Every You Ft. Liv Kelly



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