Reebok's Liv Kelly, Maddie Sturt & Anneli Maley on Women Empowerment.

Reebok's Liv Kelly, Maddie Sturt & Anneli Maley on Women Empowerment.

Empowering Women: Insights from Reebok Ambassadors

As International Women's Day has approached again this year, we had the privilege of sitting down with three extraordinary women from our Reebok family. Let's meet them.

Liv Kelly.

Fitness Influencer and Motivator Liv Kelly, simply a beacon of positivity in the fitness world, spreads empowerment wherever she goes. With a heart full of passion for inspiring others, a heavenly echo from what she witnessed in her own Mother growing up, Liv's journey in fitness coaching and social media has touched countless lives and continues to. Also throws a mean left hook too!

"I love that I work in an industry that has the potential to inspire and empower women each and every day," Liv shares. "My main message to all women is to do what makes them happy and remember people don’t remember you by your appearance they do by your aura and how you impact them and yourself."

Fitness trainer & Influencer, Liv Kelly.

Maddie Sturt.

Global Crossfit Athlete and Australia's fittest Maddie Sturt, a beacon of strength and inspiration in her sport, Maddie embodies brilliance and determination both on and off the stadium floor. With her sights set on success time and time again, Maddie made it clear that she draws inspiration from the strong women like her friend Nat along with her dear Mum too, all who have paved the way before her success in and outside of Crossfit.

"Trust yourself and back yourself," Maddie advises. "Find people that encourage you to be the best version of yourself! Work hard and chase your dreams." She also reflects on the support she receives, saying, "My good friend Nat, always backing me and supporting me. Offering wise words and anything I need during competitions. She truly has my back!"

Crossfit superstar, Maddie Sturt.


Anneli Maley.

Australian Basketball Star and Leader Anneli Maley, a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court, Anneli champions the power of teamwork and lifting others up. As captain of the Perth Lynx, Anneli leads simply by example with her dedication and resilience. She continues to verbalise that wonderful wisdom and effort in empowering many lives as host of her own budding podcast, Under The Surface. 

"I think when you do the best to lift other people up around you it raises the standards of the environment," Anneli asserts. "Focusing on empowering others, instead of focusing on yourself, that’s where the key of it all lies." Anneli also shares a personal moment of up-liftment: "I am uplifted by the women in my team in a way that has changed the way I view sport in this last year."

Perth Lynx Captain, Anneli Maley.

Endure the words. Explore what's possible. Embrace movement. 

So in celebrating International Women's Day 2024, let's draw inspiration from these remarkable women, that the Reebok family adore to be part of the journey with, ones who exemplify empowerment, resilience, movement and compassion. As we continue to uplift and support one another, we pave the way for a more inclusive and empowering future, both within the world of Reebok and beyond.

International Women's Day, 8th March 2024.

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