Reebok X Aki Yaguchi for Chadstone Concept Store

Reebok X Aki Yaguchi for Chadstone Concept Store

Behind the scenes at Reebok Australia, an extraordinary project has been taking shape.

The dedicated team here has been hard at work, crafting something special and groundbreaking—a flagship store unlike anything seen before by Reebok. Nestled within one of Australia's biggest shopping centers, Chadstone Shopping Centre. And it's opening, July 7 2023.

As the grand opening of the Reebok Chadstone store approaches, we wanted to seek a special way to recognize this significant moment. We found the perfect collaborator in local visionary artist Aki Yaguchi. This partnership signifies the convergence of two creative forces, combining Reebok's commitment to innovation with Aki Yaguchi's exceptional artistic talent. Together, we have crafted exclusive t-shirts that embody the essence of the Chadstone Store—a fusion of art and fashion. Each limited-edition t-shirt showcases Aki Yaguchi's vibrant creativity, serving as wearable canvases that celebrate the local art scene and artistic expression.

World, meet Aki.

Aki Yaguchi, is a local artist renowned for her exceptional talent, has been making waves in the art world with her captivating style and imaginative creations. With a mastery of blending colors, intricate detailing, and a seamless fusion of artistic influences, Aki's work is a testament to her artistic prowess.

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T-shirt design, exclusive to Reebok X Aki Yaguchi.

We asked Aki about what this moment meant to her and to share some insights in behind the unique creation.

"It was such a pleasure to design this graphic for the opening of Reebok's newest flagship store. I was given a lot of freedom to play; a concept I loved was the imagery of a quintessential shopfront. Something that symbolized the idea of what a shop is. I had to add in my character, the 'Tobu Hime,' to float within the graphic. She symbolizes protection and good luck; it seemed an appropriate omen to wish upon the new space!"

These words truly reflected Aki's creative process and the thoughtful elements incorporated into the unique design. Made exclusive for us here at Reebok.

Limited to the first 100 people on store opening day, so see you at Chadstone July 7 folks!

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