Above The Rim: Basketball's Iconic silhouette returns October 27

Above The Rim: Basketball's Iconic silhouette returns October 27

"Above The Rim" collection is a timeless testament to the golden era of basketball and sneaker culture. With its roots in the 1990s, this product line captures the spirit of a generation when basketball, fashion, and urban streetwear converged to create something extraordinary. And this iconic collection is set to make a comeback on October 27 at reebok.com.au.

A Journey Back to the '90s:

The 1990s were an era of unprecedented growth in the world of basketball. With NBA superstars like Shaquille O'Neal, and Allen Iverson taking the stage, basketball had become more than just a sport—it was a cultural phenomenon.

Recognizing this trend, we seized the opportunity to leave a mark in the flourishing basketball market.

The "Pump" Technology Revolution:

One of the standout features of the "Above The Rim" collection was our innovative Pump technology. This groundbreaking feature allowed wearers to customise the fit of their basketball shoes by inflating air chambers. 

Endorsements and NBA Partnerships:

The collection was further elevated by endorsements from NBA stars like Shaquille O'Neal, Allen Iverson, Shawn Kemp, and Damon Stoudamire. Their association with the Reebok brand added immense credibility and popularity to the brand among basketball enthusiasts.

Influence of Basketball Culture:

But it wasn't just about performance; it was about culture. The "Above The Rim" collection was a reflection of the basketball culture of the 1990s. It wasn't limited to what happened on the court; it also captured the style and aesthetics of streetball and urban basketball.


Streetwear and Hip-Hop Influence:

This collection wasn't just sportswear; it was a symbol of streetwear and hip-hop culture. The design elements and color schemes resonated with the fashion trends of the time, making these sneakers a statement of style and attitude.

Legacy and Revivals:

The "Above The Rim" collection may have thrived in the 1990s, but its legacy endures. Collectors and enthusiasts continue to hunt for vintage "Above The Rim" sneakers and apparel. Reebok has also revived some of its classic basketball sneakers, including the Kamikaze, to cater to nostalgic collectors and enthusiasts. These re-releases have reignited interest in the collection, breathing new life into this iconic line.

In summary, Reebok's "Above The Rim" collection played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural landscape of basketball during the 1990s. It was more than a product line; it was a symbol of an era where sports, fashion, and urban culture intersected to create an enduring legacy that continues to captivate enthusiasts and collectors to this day.

Get Ready for the Return:

Now, the excitement is building as Reebok's "Above The Rim" collection makes its return. Mark your calendars for October 27 on reebok.com.au when this iconic collection will be available once again. Don't miss your chance to relive the '90s and make a style statement that transcends time.

Stay tuned for the October 27 release on Reebok.com.au, and get ready to step Above The Rim once again!

Note: Release dates and details are subject to change, keep up to date with all information and sneaker release news at reebok.com.au.

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