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  • ISSA

    "My style inspiration comes from a few different places but it’s mainly from skateboarding and music. Growing..."

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  • JOSH

    My style inspiraiton is a mixture of all things I pay attention to. I consider the weather, how I'm..."

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    "When it comes to style, I’d have to say I’m inspired by my Dad. He definitely put me on to a lot of..."

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  • JAAL

    "My love for all things hip-hop has definitely played a big role in the way I dress .."

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    "I look up to Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and the Olsen twins. I also like the.."

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  • jeremiah

    "My style comes from years of skating and dancing and always being on my feet. My family has always been.."

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    "My style comes from growing up in Melbourne, always prepared for four seasons in one day. I get.."

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    "No matter how many times I rewatch Sex and the City, it still remains one of my biggest.."

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  • KATO

    "My inspiration comes from how Japanese people adapted American style from the..."

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    "I am inspired by comfortable big clothes allowing maximum agility during skateboarding and..."

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    "My style is mostly influenced by my parents and grandma. They were always pointing out..."

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  • MINH

    "Style starts with solid theoretical foundations. Forget function versus form - understanding how..."

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  • AARON. 25

    "inspired by modern skateboarding with a mixture of a clean minimalist..."

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  •  Hëna

    "My love for dance has
    always shaped the way I dress..."

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  • EDUARDO, 37

    "Lots of inspirations from
    the 90s hip hop and.."

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  • KEVIN, 28

    "My fashion is Inspired by 80s and early 2000s films and magazines just
    seeing all the layers..."

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  • AKI, 27

    "My everyday style is heavily informed by Japanese baggy silhouettes..."

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  • BEN, 26

    "From a young age what I
    thought was nice fashion came from my uncle in singapore..."

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