The fit unveil of Nano X4: The Official Shoe of Fitness is coming Jan 12.

The fit unveil of Nano X4: The Official Shoe of Fitness is coming Jan 12.

Get ready world. January 12 it's going to be time to lace and level up because the highly anticipated Reebok Nano X4 will be unveiled at it's rightful home here at Reebok both online and in store.

We went ahead and got the inside scoop from our global CrossFit stars, Jay Crouch and Maddie Sturt, who gave the Nano X4 a thorough test run through a workout.

Let's dive into what they had to say!

Jay Crouch's Take on Nano X4

Global Crossfit superstar Jay Crouch took the Nano X4 for a test run pre January 12 global launch.

Q: Jay, you’ve been one of the first to test drive the Nano X4, what’s one word that comes to mind vs previous models?

Jay: Sharp

Q: Are there specific features of the Nano X4 that people will know and love?

Jay: Similar to the X3 that people know, with some great slight changes for toughness and looks.

Q: As a CrossFit athlete, how important is it to have reliable and versatile training footwear like Nano?

Jay: It’s super important. I’m confident that the X4 can handle everything that I will face in the sport of CrossFit. I will happily run in the X4s.

Q: Can you share a memorable moment or achievement where the Nano franchise played a crucial role & what you hope to do in the X4? Favourite colourway?

Jay: I couldn’t think of a specific moment. I just know in my 11 years in the sport they have not once let me down or affected my performance in any way. Favourite colorway always changes but you can never go wrong with a white/gum or black/gum.


Nano X4 collection drops January 12 on and in store. Preview here.

 Maddie Sturt's Take on Nano X4

Maddie Sturt, one of the globes fittest Women pre taking Nano X4 into flight mode.

Q: Mads, like Jay, you’re one of the few around the world to first test the Nano X4, what were your first impressions?

Maddie: My first impressions were comfortable and light! The shoe we know and love but that little bit better.

Q: As someone heavily involved in functional fitness, what are you most excited about the Nano X4 towards your 2024 event performances?

Maddie: I’m excited to have the support and reliability of the NanoX4 throughout my 2024 CrossFit season. The Nano always rises to the occasion of any exercise.

Q: Are there specific design elements or technologies in the Nano X4 that stood out immediately in your test workout?

Maddie: The tongue is softer, the knit is more breathable. The outside of the shoe at the heel is more sturdy and it feels like it hugs your heel better.

Q: In your opinion, what sets the Nano X4 apart from other training shoes on the market?

Maddie: The NanoX4 personally ticks all the boxes for me. I know it’s durable, comfortable, and stylish!

Q: Final one, favourite colorway?..Go.

Maddie: Too hard to pick!

Nano X4 collection drops January 12 on and in store. Preview here.

So there you have it, some of the fittest insights to take away on 14th edition of the almighty Nano. Lead by the globe's most trusted gym floor pilots.

Be sure to join and be first be first to experience the future of fitness innovation on January 12 as Nano X4 is released.

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